Pit Bull Finds Forever Home After Amazing Adoption Event

Although the men and women that work in animal shelters are passionate about the animals they care for, all they really want is for each cage to be empty.

Nothing is better than getting to see an animal you cared for in the shelter picked by a loving family and taken away to a forever home. This is why shelter staff and volunteers do what they do.

They love the animals they work with and just want to see them happy.

At 6:00 p.m. on a warm day in July, the Fort Worth Animal Shelter in Texas proudly displayed photos of empty cages from wall to wall.

The national event, Clear The Shelters, started in Forth Worth, and it was an incredible success for them this year.

Of all the cats and dogs that were adopted out of the shelter, however, one dog’s story really stuck outfrom the rest.

Staff from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter spoke with LittleThings about this pivotal day and the special dog that deserved this incredibly happy ending.

Scroll down to find out who this special pup is, and let us know what you think ofthis amazing event in the comments!


The Fort Worth Animal Shelter proudly posted this photo of their empty shelter at the end of a very successful “Clear The Shelters” event.

This year alone, the event boasted over 45,000 adoptions across the nation!

Fort Worth Animal Shelter/ Jacque Lickteig

Ms. Jane, a pit bull, was one of the many animals that would be adopted that day. Her story holds a special place in the hearts of the shelter staff.

“In early May, she was picked up by one of our animal control officers,” Jacque Lickteig, Marketing Coordinator for Code Compliance, explained to LittleThings. “She was a stray.”

Fort Worth Animal Shelter/ Jacque Lickteig

“She was extremely shy when she first came into our care,”Lickteig explained.

“So much so that our shelter technicians would have to pick her up and carry her anywhere she needed to go.

“Eventually, that level of interaction led to her bonding with them so she wouldn’t really pay attention to people that would come to look at her,” said Lickteig.

Fort Worth Animal Shelter/ Jacque Lickteig

To make matters worse, Ms. Jane’s spay surgery didn’t go very well, possibly from an allergic reaction to the tattoo that signifies she was fixed. The care and love the staff offered her during recovery just deepened her attachment to them.

“She started to see them as her caretakers,”Lickteig told LittleThings.

Fort Worth Animal Shelter/ Jacque Lickteig

Eventually, she was adopted, but was promptly returned. The new owner claimed she had an allergic reaction to Ms. Jane and couldn’t keep her in the house.

Although staff were happy to see their sweet Ms. Jane again, they knew she deserved to be in a forever home.

Fortunately, the Clear The Shelters event garnered a lot of attention and over 300 cats and dogs were adopted that day!

Fort Worth Animal Shelter/ Jacque Lickteig

At last, Ms. Jane was picked up by her new forever family.

They have since sent the shelter staff plenty of photos of Jane settling into her new home!

As for all the other cats and dogs? They’re happy to be paired with people that love them!

Incredibly, since the event, the shelter is already past 50 percent capacity.Lickteig says young people could be a driving force behind clearing the shelters in the future.

“Millennials are the largest pet owning population now in the U.S., but they’re the least likely to adopt from a shelter,”Lickteig explained.

Lickteig has a message for anyone who has ever thought twice about adopting a pet.

“Shelter animals are just as awesome as the ones you pay thousands of dollars for!”Lickteig told LittleThings.

Lickteig and the staff at Fort Worth Animal Shelter will continue to spread this message until their cages are empty again.

Have you ever adopted a shelter animal? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to SHAREMs. Jane’s story with the dog lovers in your life!

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Sesame Street has canned its veteran human characters. I’m heartbroken | Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy

I enjoyed watching the reboot with my young daughter, because it still felt like the show I loved growing up. Now I dont know what to think

I spent my formative years watching Sesame Street obsessively. If such a thing existed, my preschool-aged self would have been High Priestess of the Jim Henson oeuvre.Even as an adult, my favorite number is still six that was Berts favorite number, and his declaration of this fact came with a catchy song.

So of course I was concerned to hear last August that HBO had partnered (AKA bought, because who are we fooling)with the Sesame Workshop, and that for the first time in Sesame Streets 45-year run, it would be premiering new episodeson premium cable. The implications that this partnership presented for children of lower socio-economic status and minority racial groups the very children for whom Sesame Street was literally invented seemed damning at best.

And this week, my worst fears were realized: HBO came for my family. Comments that Bob McGrath, who has played Bob on Sesame Street since 1969, made earlier this month surfaced online: he announced that HBO was axing the older human characters from the show for its second season on the channel. Along with McGrath, the actors that have played Luis and Gordon for decades were let go.

The news made me teary-eyed. But then my sadness was replaced by anger: I had been betrayed and worse still, made a fool. Because until they took Bob, Luis and Gordon away, I had been watching the 46th season with my toddler daughter and I actually liked it.

Under HBOs helm, the traditionally hour-long program had been trimmed to 30 minutes, allowing for two separate, more tightly themed episodes in the allotment of time that the show had always occupied. The pop culture spoofs were funnier than ever. The characters who had been added since I was a Sesame viewer myself, like the sparkly fairy Abby Cadabby, and the Spanish-speaking Rosita, were just as charming as their vintage comrades like Grover and Big Bird. The music was catchy.

The show felt, miraculously, both newly relevant while remaining appreciative of its historical culture. That is, contemporary enough to fit modern standards for childrens television while still pushing their parents nostalgia buttons.

Its hardly news that Gen X-ers and old millennials the so-called Oregon Trail generation are a prime marketing demographic. Pretty much everything being rebooted for todays kids were first made as childhood entertainment for todays parents.

We are not just fledgling adults, but actual adults with established careers and salaries and as we grow our families, the Scrooge McDucks of the corporate world know that if they want to sell stuff to our kids, they have to get us first. After all, it is we who have purchasing power and, more importantly, the remote control power that affects the branded merchandise our kids pick for their Christmas lists and birthday presents.

Clearly, HBO knew what it was doing, playing to my fondest memories to get me and my childs viewership, lulling me into complacency by keeping the first season of their stewardship familiar enough to get me hooked. They made me feel feelings, get invested, get my child invested and then they dismissed the very ties that bound me to the show anew. These men have been on childrens TV so long they truly feel like relatives to multiple generations of Americans.

HBOs corporate flacks had to know that this was going to break my heart, even while I have to continue watching the show by now, my child is addicted. So I cant take Sesame Street away, even though she wont grow up knowing the elder statesmen whose gentle, kind, compassionate personas defined the tenor of a program I saw as a part of myself. I could restrict her to reruns, but that would ruin her own cultural frame of reference for my own needy purposes.

Plus, I already pay for HBO. And with the Sesame Street bait-and-switch evoking grief and ethics usually reserved for the likes of Game of Thrones or the Sopranos, Ill be forced to binge-watch them, again, as escapism from the first of many uncomfortable compromises my selfless love for my daughter is forcing me to make.

I see what you did there, HBO. Well-played.

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Geriatric ERs reduce stress, risks for older patients

New YorkThe Mt. Sinai Hospital emergency room looks and sounds like hundreds of others across the country: Doctors rush through packed hallways; machines beep incessantly; paramedics wheel stretchers in as patients moan in pain.

“It’s like a war zone,” said physician assistant Emmy Cassagnol. “When it gets packed, it’s overwhelming. Our sickest patients are often our geriatric patients, and they get lost in the shuffle.”
    But just on the other side of the wall is another, smaller emergency room designed specifically for those elderly patients.
    Patients like Hattie Hill, who is 105 years old and still lives at home. A caregiver brought her in this rainy day in May because she had a leg infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics. Hill, who also has arthritis and a history of strokes, said she prefers the emergency room for seniors because she gets more attention.


    “Hospitals that before didn’t think there was any need for this are saying, ‘Can you help us create a geriatric ED?'” Hwang said.
    Hospitals also may view specialized emergency departments as a marketing tool to reach the growing elderly population.
    The geriatric emergency room at Mt. Sinai is set up differently than traditional emergency rooms. It has thicker mattresses to help reduce the chance of bed sores, raised toilet seats, hand rails in the hallways and reduced-noise curtains.
    The department is allotted 20 beds, but the main hospital sometimes steals them for other patients. That leaves some older ER patients waiting in the hallway.
    Over a two-day period in May, dozens of older patients were treated for falls, dizziness, severe pain and shortness of breath.
    John Fornieri, 79, came in after falling on his floor at home. Fornieri, an artist with arthritis and a heart condition, said he nearly lost consciousness. An x-ray showed he had broken a hip.
    Fornieri said he was grateful that the geriatric emergency room staff was trained to care for the elderly. “Seniors need a different kind of attention,” he said. “We can’t see and we can’t hear like we used to. We can’t even talk the same.”
    Denise Nassisi, a physician who runs the geriatric ER, said her patients are at greater risk of falling, medication errors and infections than younger patients. Seemingly routine injuries can have devastating effects. Broken arms, for example, can make it difficult for elderly people to care for themselves.
    Many also have dementia or other cognitive impairments that make it harder to get an accurate account of their medical history and the reason for their ER visit, she said. About half of the patients arrive unaccompanied by relatives or caregivers.
    In the past, Nassisi said, doctors frequently just admitted the patients, leaving it to the hospital staff to do a more complete workup. But now, Nassisi and her team of social workers, therapists, nurses and others try to screen, diagnose and treat patients more thoroughly in the ER, she said.
    Part of their job is to determine whether older patients can be safely discharged. That means they aren’t automatically admitted to the hospital, which would raise their risk of confusion and loss of independence. “We are trying to change the culture of just admitting,” Nassisi said.
    A patient doesn’t need a clean bill of health to be discharged. One 81-year-old patient came in for a toothache but also had a long list of illnesses: coronary artery disease, chronic pulmonary disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, prediabetes and high cholesterol. She was released with pain medication, antibiotics and an appointment with a surgeon.
    Another patient, who was 83 and had high blood pressure, anxiety and cancer, had fallen in her kitchen. She, too, was discharged after staff ensured she could walk on her own and had help at home.
    As providers determine where the patients should be treated, they also try to prevent them from becoming delirious, developing additional problems or taking potentially harmful medications.
    Physician assistant Jaclyn Schefkind evaluated Hill, the 105-year-old patient.
    “How are you doing?”
    “Bad,” Hill said, wincing in pain.

    See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter.

    Schefkind looked at Hill’s leg, red and swollen. She said they were going to get her some stronger antibiotics and something to relieve the pain.
    “Let’s start with Tylenol,” Schefkind said. “I don’t want to give you something too strong because it’s not safe when you’re older.”
    Shortly afterward, the team decided the best place to admit Hill so doctors could get her infection under control. A nurse pulled Hill’s blanket up to her chin, packed up her belongings and rolled her through the door toward the main hospital.

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/27/health/geriatric-emergency-rooms/index.html

    ‘He convinced none of us’: Bernie Sanders diehards react to convention speech

    The Vermont senator was met with applause for three minutes at Democratic convention, but many found his official endorsement of Clinton disappointing

    For three minutes, Bernie Sanders stood at the podium and waved to the thousands of Democrats chanting and screaming his name above deafening applause.

    A chorus of We want Bernie rang out from Californias raucous Sanders delegation in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. One woman wore a piece of tape over her mouth with the word silenced scrawled across her lips. Another held a sign that read: Not Hillary. Not Trump.

    Standing on the stage to endorse his former rival Hillary Clinton, against whom he mounted an unexpectedly serious challenge, Sanders endured sporadic boos from his most ardent supporters when he asked for their support in putting the former secretary of state in the White House.

    Theres a long way to go before November, said Cullen Tiernan, a Sanders delegate from California. Shell have to make some concrete commitments instead of the platitudes and fluff that weve been getting all day long.

    Tiernan said he did not hold it against Sanders that the Vermont senator had now pledged his support to Clinton and would always be grateful to Sanders for breathing life into the progressive movement.

    I want to run for public office because of Bernie, he said.

    Several stadium seats away, Amy Erb and Luci Riley, members of the National Nurses United and California delegates for Sanders, watched the speech with pained expressions. At one point, Riley wiped tears from her eyes as she listened to Sanders applaud Clinton.

    It was obviously disappointing, Erb said of Sanders speech, but this movement was beginning and brewing long before Bernie became a candidate, and it will continue after him.

    Away from the hall, Sarah Hernandez, a 22-year-old marketing officer from Houston, Texas, live-streamed the speech from a campsite in New Jersey. A Sanders supporter, she had taken part in anti-Clinton demonstrations on Monday, which included an action outside Philadelphias city hall at which she and others chanted lock her up, a Republican chant aimed at Clinton.

    Its not what a lot of us wanted to hear, she said of Sanders speech. We wanted to hear him lay down the law, saying: This election was rigged from the start, and how if you compare the polls of him versus Trump compared to Hillary against Trump, he wins.

    Hernandez and four others from Texas had huddled around a cellphone to watch Sanders speak. It seemed the leftwing firebrands efforts to transfer his support to Clinton had fallen on deaf ears, with this group at least.

    From the quick poll of the people Im with, he convinced none of us, she said.

    Were all from a red state so the state is going to go for Trump anyway. So in order to make our voices heard we will be voting for Jill Stein, she said, referring to the Green party candidate.

    Hernandez did concede that if she lived in a swing state I would vote for Hillary Clinton. But that would be hard.

    I respect the decision to endorse Hillary Clinton, but I am definitely not any more for Hillary than I was before his speech, she said. Hernandez was unhappy with some of the measures Sanders had suggested Clinton would back.

    Hillary has not supported a $15 minimum wage, so how can we trust her to implement this policy? she said.

    Another example was the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal], and Hillary, who once called the TPP the gold standard of deals, did recently come out against it, she said, but she added that opposition to the trade deal had not made it into the Democratic platform.

    Niko Klein, 33, had taken part on a march on the DNC on Monday. He has been a firm Sanders supporter but said the Vermont senator was bending reality in favor of what he feels is the most responsible course.

    I think he is all about the right end, Klein said. But this is the moment in which he shows that hes willing to compromise his means and I think thats troubling.

    Klein said that in endorsing Clinton, Sanders had shown he is essentially willing to accept corruption.

    It doesnt mean we wont follow him in his other endeavors, Klein said.

    But in this individual calculus around supporting Clinton and not agitating within the Democratic convention further, I think hes lost a lot of momentum.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/26/bernie-or-bust-democratic-convention-hillary-clinton

    ‘Lock her up’: Sanders supporters adopt Trump’s attack line on Clinton

    We have got to defeat Donald Trump and elect Clinton, Sanders says but protesters boo and express anger in Philadelphia over the leaked DNC emails

    Bernie Sanders supporters adopted one of Donald Trumps attack lines against Hillary Clinton at the opening of the Democratic national convention on Monday, chanting lock her up at protests in downtown Philadelphia.

    Around 200 people were gathered at Philadelphia City Hall at noon, ahead of a planned march through the city. Most of the crowd were Sanders supporters, who voiced their anger at the leaked Democratic National Committee emails that showed behind-the-scenes support for Clinton during the Democratic primary.

    Lock her up, lock her up, protesters chanted repeatedly. Many were carrying anti-Clinton banners, drawing attention to both the recent WikiLeaks disclosures and her own use of a private email server while secretary of state.

    Trevor Minter, a 21-year-old bartender from Fort Worth, Texas, was among the dozens demanding the Democratic nominee be jailed.

    I feel like Ive been cheated, I feel like my brothers and sisters have been cheated, and I feel like its all her fault, Minter said.

    He said he was dissatisfied with all the classified emails shes let out using her own servers and using her own personal email and then you have the WikiLeaks, all the going behind peoples backs.

    Lock her up is a favourite chant at Trump rallies, and could be heard throughout the GOP convention in Cleveland last week. The Republican nominee has branded Clinton Crooked Hillary.

    The FBI investigated Clintons use of a private email server while in office, but decided against pressing charges at the beginning of July.

    Mark Govea (@markempower) July 25, 2016

    #lockherup chants at Philly City Hall for Bernie Sanders Rally and march against DNC. pic.twitter.com/reonUHLb0d

    Minter said he was not concerned at using an attack line associated with Trump and his supporters.

    Its been something that Trumps been saying for a while but I honestly believe she should be indicted.

    Some supporters told the Guardian that the chant was not entirely spontaneous.

    Well, really its because a big truck with the sign lock her up passed by, said Sarah Hernandez, a 22-year-old chief marketing officer from Houston.

    Minter, who had travelled with Hernandez to Philadelphia, pointed out that the truck actually had the message: Hillary for prison.

    Yes. It said: Hillary for prison 2016, she said. And someone started chanting: Lock her up, lock her up, and we all joined in.

    Hillary for prison 2016 is a common message seen on pins and T-shirts at Republican rallies.

    Adam Gabbatt (@adamgabbatt) July 25, 2016

    Bernie Sanders supporters chant: “Lock her up” outside Philadelphia city hall https://t.co/ANA5CkybqJ

    Tim Turner, 53, had travelled to Philadelphia from Indianapolis, Indiana. He had also noted the trucks presence and was among those chanting.

    We just know that shes not very honest, he said.

    You know, Ive never caught her in a criminal act. But I think shes dirty.

    Like Minter, he did not mind using a line associated with Trump.

    No, I dont mind it at all. He should be locked up as well. Theres a lot of people he owes money to. I think the same could go for him.

    Matt Schmidheiser, an 18-year-old student from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, was similarly emphatic.

    I think she does need to be locked up her along with the DNC chairwoman who just stepped down. Because they both just horribly mislead the American public and they spit lie after lie and nobody seems to care.

    Schmidheiser was carrying a homemade poster that catalogued Clintons alleged misdeeds. He had been a little late arriving at city hall and missed the chant.

    I wasnt there for it but I would love to have been a part of it and I would love to start another, he said.

    I think its accurate and I think she needs to be in prison for the rest of her life.

    Earlier Sanders himself seemed incapable of controlling some of his more passionate supporters, judging from the mood at a meeting of delegates at the Pennsylvania convention center.

    Loud boos could be heard from within the closed-room meeting as the Vermont senator told them: We have got to defeat Donald Trump and we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine This is the world we live in.

    Trump is a danger to the future of our country and must be defeated, Sanders insisted. I intend to do everything I can to see that he is defeated.

    At least a portion of his audience seemed unconvinced. Instead, a chant of We want Bernie! sparked up from a vocal group who are clearly not fully on board with the official message of Democratic party unity.

    Sanders got much bigger cheers when he mentioned the resignation of the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which he said opens up the possibly of new leadership at the top of the Democratic party that will stand up for working people and will open up the doors of the party for those people who want real change.

    He also agreed with other speakers that the struggle, at least in terms of fighting for more progressive policies, goes on. This campaign has been a fantastic beginning and from today onward we continue the fight, concluded Sanders as delegates prepared to file out far less fired up than they had been when they came in.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/25/lock-her-up-sanders-trump-clinton-chant

    White Sox ace Chris Sale suspended for allegedly destroying team jerseys

    Pitcher, 27 scratched from start against Detroit Tigers on Saturday, reportedly for cutting up throwback jerseys so no one could wear them

    White Sox pitcher Chris Sale has been suspended for five days after he was accused of cutting up the retro jerseys the team had been asked to wear because he found them uncomfortable.

    According to multiple reports, Sale, 27, was unhappy with having to wear the White Soxs 1976 navy, collared throwbacks on a day of 91F temperatures and high humidity and so sabotaged the strips so that nobody could wear them.

    Chris has been suspended for violating team rules, for insubordination and for destroying team equipment, said the senior vice president and general manager Rick Hahn in a statement on Sunday. While we all appreciate Chriss talent and passion, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to express concerns about team rules and organizational expectations.

    FanRag Sports reported that Sale cut up the 1976 throwbacks with a knife during batting practice so they couldnt be worn. Fox Sports said that Sales dislike for the uniforms was because he thought they were uncomfortable; Sale also thought the White Sox were putting PR and jersey sales ahead of winning.

    Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) July 24, 2016

    Sources say: Sale cut up throwbacks during batting practice. Upset that, in his view, PR and jersey sales were more important than winning.

    The team then decided to send Sale home from US Cellular Field.

    Matt Albers, who started in Sales place, seemed to confirm the incident, but the White Sox initially provided no details beyond a team statement. The game was suspended by rain after eight innings tied at three and the teams will resume Sunday before the series finale.

    Were going to keep that in-house, Albers said. Obviously you guys probably know what happened, but for me as a player, and in our clubhouse, were going to keep in in-house.

    Youre going to have to ask somebody else about that.

    White Sox third baseman Todd Frazier said: I cant really talk about that.

    The White Sox didnt announce Sale was scratched until less than a half hour before the scheduled first pitch.

    Chris Sale has been scratched from tonights schedule start and sent home from the ballpark. The incident, which was non-physical in nature, currently is under further investigation by the club, GM Rick Hahn said in a statement released just before the scheduled 6.10pm start.

    The White Sox will have no additional comment until the investigation is completed.

    The White Sox were expected to wear the collared, blue and white V-neck jerseys first worn during the 1976 season. But with not enough usable 1976 jerseys available, the White Sox wore white retro uniforms from the 1983 season. The White Sox marketing department had publicized the night as the Throwback Game.

    After Saturday nights game, White Sox manager Robin Ventura declined to discuss the incident and would not comment on whether the team will enact any further discipline.

    Not going to discuss what went on in there, but unfortunately he didnt start tonight, and Im proud of the guys that came in and filled in, Ventura said.

    Hes one of the best, absolutely, Albers said of Sale. But were here for teammates. Were here to pick each other up in good times and bad.

    Saturday wasnt the first time Sale has exited before a game. The five-time All-Star left before a game near the end of the 2014 season after sharing some heated words with Ventura.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/jul/24/white-sox-pitcher-chris-sale-jerseys-reports

    How Ivanka Trump used the Republican convention as a fashion show

    After donning several items from her own line in Cleveland, Trump offered online followers a chance to purchase lookalike pieces

    Clad in a pale pink, knee-length gown, Ivanka Trump introduced her father to Americans as the Republican nominee for president on Wednesday night. As she echoed his self-promotional style, the four-day long convention seemingly doubled as a fashion show for her clothing brand.

    Shop Ivankas look from her #RNC speech, the younger Trump tweeted on Thursday, the day after her speech, along with a link to a dress from her own collection on the Macys website.

    The Sleeveless Studded Sheath Dress, a lookalike of the one Ivanka wore during her address, sold out on both Macys and Nordstrom by Friday evening. The two dresses were the same color, but with slight differences in details. On her lifestyle site, she wrote it was coming soon to her regular Ivanka Trump collection.

    Like her fathers line of clothing, the dress is labelled as imported.

    Priced at $138, the pastel pink dress from Ivanka Trumps tweet contrasted against her the outfit worn by her stepmother, Melania Trump a $2,190 white dress by Roksanda Ilincic, a Serbian fashion designer based in London.

    Just A Navy Wife (@justanavywife) July 22, 2016

    .@IvankaTrump I loved learning this about you today! Navy wives can afford your timeless look! TY!https://t.co/GhxN95r0ZW via @MONEY

    Ivanka Trump sported a white floral dress on day three of the convention that was also from her eponymous collection though on her site she linked to a similar style priced at $158 rather than the exact dress she wore. On other days of the convention, she accessorized with Ivanka Trump shoes or an Ivanka Trump handbag.

    Ivankas speech highlighted her personal focus on working women while she wore an outfit that average Janes could feasibly purchase from a local department store. Outside of her fathers political sphere, Ivanka is working on a book called Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, available next March, and she started a social media campaign called #WomenWhoWork in 2014. Its goal is to redefine the idea of women with careers.

    One of the four Trump children who spoke, Ivanka was compared with her stepmother for the different nature of their speeches and for their positions within the Trump family by the New York Times, namely for emulating the antiquated old-fashioned wife, but a modern professional daughter value system.

    Ivanka emphasized that her father would fight for equal pay for women and affordable, accessible childcare, which are typically Democratic values and not traditionally part of the Republican platform. She praised Donald Trumps treatment of women and minorities and was hailed as one of his best assets by onlookers in Cleveland.

    While some criticized Ivanka for attempting to distract from her fathers controversial positions on women, especially after the plagiarism snafu with Melanias speech and an upset by Ted Cruz, CNN wondered if the Trump children had saved the convention.

    The reactions to Ivankas tweet linking to her clothing line were equally mixed, with some praising her smart marketing and for creating an affordable fashion line while others criticized the decision.

    Telling, if least important, way Ivanka cynically exploits her role as white washer to white power campaign, Clara Jeffery, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, tweeted.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jul/23/ivanka-trump-republican-convention-fashion

    US Olympic committee bullying unofficial sponsors who use hashtags

    USOC sent letters to companies that dont have a commercial relationship with them, warning use of #TeamUSA and #Rio2016 is stealing intellectual property

    The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has been using legal bullying tactics to try and prevent companies that arent official sponsors of the Games from using official Twitter hashtags such as #TeamUSA and #Rio2016.

    Over the last few weeks, the USOC has sent letters to companies that sponsor athletes but dont have a commercial relationship with the USOC or the International Olympic Committee, warning them against stealing intellectual property.

    One of these letters, written by USOC chief marketing officer Lisa Baird and obtained by ESPN, states: Commercial entities may not post about the Trials or Games on their corporate social media accounts. This restriction includes the use of USOCs trademarks in hashtags such as #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA.

    The mean-spirited approach is designed to protect the cash-cow sponsors such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, GE, P&G, Visa and Samsung who fork out for marketing presence at the event.

    Its been possible to trademark hashtags in the US since 2013, but intellectual property lawyers like Mark Terry say that the USOC is wrong to try to apply the law to those tweeting hashtags. The USOC is alleging that commercial entities are using these hashtags and thats trademark infringement, Terry told the Guardian. I think its completely bogus.

    Trademark infringement occurs when another party uses a trademark and confuses the public as to the source of a product or service thats being used in commerce. Thats not what happens when you use a hashtag. Im not selling a product or service, Im just making statements on an open forum. How else do you indicate you are talking about the Rio 2016 Olympics without saying #Rio2016?

    The USOC could have a trademark case if a company was pretending to be a headline sponsor when it fact it wasnt, but most uses of these hashtags appear to be companies wishing athletes luck on Twitter.

    The same letter sent by the USOC reminds companies (except for those involved in news media) that they cant reference any Olympic results or share or repost anything from the official Olympic account.

    This is where the USOC is wrong. As Timothy Geigner at Techdirt points out, there is no applicable part of trademark law that applies to facts such as sporting results. Furthermore, the restrictions on retweeting make absolutely no sense in the context of social media which is designed to be, you know, social.

    Much of this silliness comes down to Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter. In previous Olympics, the rule barred athletes from tweeting about non-official sponsors for a month around the Games. And non-sponsors werent allowed to feature Olympic athletes that they had sponsorship deals with in their ads during that time.

    In 2015, Rule 40 was relaxed ever-so-slightly to allow athletes to appear in generic advertising that doesnt explicitly mention the games or use any Olympic IP, which includes terms such as Rio, medal, performance, victory and gold.

    Sportswear brand Oiselle was contacted by the USOC when it used a photo of athlete Kate Grace, who the company sponsors, after she won the 800 metres at Olympic trials.

    Oiselle CEO Sally Bergen told ESPN that the heavy-handed brand policing was ridiculous and that the rules hurt athletes. Companies like Oiselle cant afford to sponsor athletes if they cant leverage the relationship in their communications.

    The USOC did not respond to a request for comment.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/jul/22/us-olympic-committee-bullying-unofficial-sponsors-hashtags

    Room for one more? Panorama festival takes a gamble in New York

    The people behind Coachella are putting on a festival starring Kendrick Lamar and LCD Soundsystem. In a crowded market, is it enough to lure New Yorkers?

    After months of controversy including a turf war and a petition to block it from happening, the Panorama music festival will finally debut in this weekend.

    Its entrance into the New York festival scene parks its tanks firmly on the lawn of the more established festival Governors Ball, which takes place on Randalls Island each June. The prospect of a new festival entering the city caused such a stir that Governors Ball organizers started a petition to ask Mayor Bill de Blasio to deny a permit on Panoramas original location: Flushing Meadows Park in Queens.

    Panorama, which is organized by AEG Live and Goldenvoice, the company behind the huge California festival Coachella, later received a permit to hold the festival on Randalls Island albeit in controversial circumstances the same place as Governors Ball.

    The lineups also target a similar demographic, with Kendrick Lamar, Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem headlining Panorama, and Governors Ball boasting Kanye West, the Strokes and the Killers though West didnt play as the final day of the Governors Ball due to bad weather.

    Panoramas debut in New York has raised concerns that festivals may be reaching saturation as organisers compete for the same space. It remains to be seen whether New York has the appetite for two large and similar targeted events. While festivals have grown in the US exponentially in the last decade, 2016 has seen some slowdown in ticket sales.

    Panorama has not sold out but the events producer Mark Schulman said the organisers were happy with ticket sales. Were really pleased with the ticket sales for the first year, Schulman said. We have surpassed our expectation.

    Paul Tollet, the promoter of AEG and Goldenvoice, told the New York Times that they were not promoting the festival aggressively in the first year.

    However Larry Miller, the director of music business program at NYUs Steinhardt school said that he had noticed an increase in print and radio promotion in the week leading up to the festival, a traditional last-ditch marketing technique to boost lower than expected sales. Also, at the time of publication three-day passes were available on resale sites for $100 below face value, further indication of a lack of demand.

    There is also some warning signs of a national slowdown in the festival boom America has witnessed over the past decade.

    In 2014, the market was buoyant. Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza each sold to capacity, moving hundreds of thousands of tickets. Nielsen Music reported that 32 million Americans said they go to at least one US festival per year half of them being millennials, the crown jewel of marketing demographics.

    However, Panorama is not the only festival to have suffered slow ticket sales in 2016. Bonnaroos sales were the lowest in the festivals 15-year history and a 46% drop from its peak.

    An Eventbrite survey of festival organizers, producers and production companies found that 45% of those who hold large festivals with 50,000 or more attendees were concerned about market saturation. The growth of the number of festivals has also shrunk the pool of sponsorship money, a key factor in making festivals profitable.

    Wilson believes there may be a limit on the growth potential of music festivals.

    Maybe we are reaching the saturation point, certainly of the mega festivals, Wilson said. I think we are beginning to bump up against the price ceiling.

    In New York, the number of small festivals has also grown dramatically over the past 10 years, in line with the national trend.

    Folk and jazz festivals have existed in New York since the 1960s, including the Schaefer music festival, which ran in Central Park from 1968 to 1976 and the Kool Jazz festival, which arrived in the city from Newport in 1972. However, Governors Ball gave New York its first mega-festival when it began five-years ago and now attracts 50,000 fans each day for three days. Meanwhile the number of niche festivals such as Afropunk and the Brooklyn hip-hop festival has also grown.

    Tom Russell, a partner in Founders Entertainment and founder of Governors Ball, believes there remains a demand for festivals in New York but it is not limitless.

    In New York City, its [the appetite] definitely growing, Russell said. I think youll see more and more festivals pop up, but I think youll see the best of the best succeed, and remain and then youll see theres ones that just cant make it, not pan out.

    Founders was previously an independent company but recently partnered with the corporate concert organszer Live Nation in order to ensure it can compete with the deep pockets of AEG Live.

    Other large US cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles have several large festivals a year but Wilson explains that the New York market is difficult for several reasons. This includes real estate availability, cost of operation, and competing for peoples attention with so many offerings on any given night. Using his students as a sample, he believes that there is still a strong appetite for festivals but that at less than two months apart, Panorama may have been scheduled too close to Governors Ball.

    Panoramas organizers contend that there is more than enough room for both festivals in the city. Schulman also said that he doesnt want the event which is inspired by the 1964 World Fair to be described as simply a festival. It will feature installations from local artists and several interactive exhibits as the organizers wanted to fuse the art, technology, and music landscapes of New York.

    It remains to be seen if two festivals targeting the same audience on the same grounds can survive in New York City.

    If theyre serious about building a lasting festival brand in New York, they need to be prepared to play a long game, Miller said. Not simply judge whether to do a second festival next year on the basis whether they made or lost money this weekend.

    • This article was amended on 21 July 2016. The director of the music business programme at NYUs Steinhardt school is Larry Miller, not Wilson.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/jul/21/panorama-festival-new-york-randalls-island

    Facebook’s neighbors are losing their homes. What’s being done about it?

    As the company prepares to bring thousands of new workers to its Menlo Park campus, advocates say it must do more to help lower-income local residents

    The first time Tameeka Bennett had to drive two hours in traffic to get to her job in East Palo Alto, she broke down in tears in her car. It was October 2014, and Bennett, 29, had never imagined she would have to move away from the Silicon Valley city where she grew up, which is one of the least affluent communities in the region.

    But her family had lost their home to foreclosure, and they couldnt find an affordable house to buy in East Palo Alto. So they were forced to move to Oakland, which is 40 miles north and a nightmarish commute away from Bennetts job as executive director of Youth United for Community Action, an East Palo Alto not-for-profit group that fights displacement.

    While Bennett recognizes that there are multiple factors driving the regions housing crisis, its hard for her to ignore the most obvious force less than three miles north of her organization: the Facebook headquarters.

    This week, Bennett and other northern California advocates are pressuring Facebook to make substantial investments in affordable housing as the powerful social networking company pushes forward with a major expansion that experts say will drive up housing prices and exacerbate income inequality in the center of the booming tech economy.

    The brewing dispute over Facebooks expansion in Menlo Park which is adjacent to East Palo Alto and not far from the headquarters of Apple and Google has exposed what many critics of the industry see as a glaring contradiction in the tech sector. That is, these hugely profitable companies cast themselves as do-gooder innovators creating transformative technology, but in their own backyard, theyre contributing to a crisis that has grave consequences for disadvantaged communities and theyre doing little to disrupt the poverty plaguing their neighbors.

    Menlo Park officials and residents debated Facebooks growth plans during a lengthy city council meeting that dragged on past midnight on Tuesday evening. The public discussion came one day after reports that founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are exploring ways that their new philanthropic organization could help alleviate the high cost of housing in the region.

    Facebook which set up its huge campus in Menlo Park in 2011 has proposed two new office buildings that would add roughly 126,000 sq ft to its campus, along with a 200-room hotel. The project is expected to bring more than 6,500 new employees to Facebook and the hotel, which would increase the entire Menlo Park workforce by more than 20%.

    As part of the expansion, Facebook is required to contribute $6.3m to below-market-rate housing.

    The company further agreed to provide $350,000 for a study of housing conditions; $1.5m for a housing innovation fund for various initiatives; $1m for for a preservation fund to buy and protect units housing at-risk populations; and $2.15m for reduced rents in 22 units of workforce housing, with priority given to teachers.

    Tameeka Bennett moved to Oakland after her family was unable to find an affordable house in East Palo Alto. Photograph: Courtesy of Youth United for Community Action

    But critics say those are relatively inconsequential benefits given the size of the project and scale and urgency of the housing crisis and considering that Facebook is now worth about $350bn, making it the sixth-most valuable company in the US.

    Research has repeatedly suggested that Silicon Valley tech firms have worsened inequality, and data shows the area has lost affordable units at alarming rates. Recently, there have been numerous mass evictions and threats of widespread displacement near tech corporations.

    With a surge in tech jobs at Facebook, the project will probably attract tens of thousands of additional workers in lower-paying jobs that support the industry, said Sam Tepperman-Gelfant, senior staff attorney at Public Advocates, a not-for-profit group that has, along with the ACLU, raised formal objections to Facebooks project.

    It is those workers and other poorer residents who will suffer the most from a jump in the regional housing demand, he said, pointing out that roughly 70,000 low-income workers in Silicon Valley already commute more than 50 miles to their jobs, which also has environmental consequences.

    Its fundamentally not fair to ask low-wage workers in Silicon Valley to be bearing the personal costs for global corporate production, he said. Facebook could have a substantial role in correcting those deficiencies.

    In East Palo Alto, officials have also gathered compelling evidence suggesting that Facebooks presence has had tangible consequences for low-income renters.

    From 2011 to 2015, the average asking rent for a one-bedroom apartment in East Palo Alto increased by 89%, according to records.

    One property owner acquired roughly 40% of the citys entire rental housing stock in December 2011 after Facebook moved to Menlo Park and the new landlord subsequently issued a significant number of eviction notices, officials have noted in city records.

    That real estate company has specifically advertised new housing to Facebook workers, writing on its website: Now is the time to consider affordable East Palo Alto apartments before the rest of the Facebook and Google employees do!

    In a recent letter criticizing Facebooks project, East Palo Altos mayor, Donna Rutherford, included that quote and pointed to research showing that in 67% of all recent house sales and rental units in East Palo Alto, the marketing materials have mentioned Facebook.

    Its not that were against Facebook, but we want to make sure that when the expansion happens, it benefits not only a group of people, but the wider community, said Carlos Martinez, East Palo Alto city manager.

    Caprice Powell, 24, who grew up in East Palo Alto, said she is moving to Atlanta, Georgia, this summer in part because she cant afford to rent here any more.

    Facebook is coming in and bringing along all these rich folks Theyre able to afford our housing, because its nothing to them.

    Powell said her sister and mother had both been priced out of East Palo Alto and that she was temporarily living in a small room in her godfathers house one of five people crammed into a two-bedroom. After she relocates to Georgia, she hopes to eventually return to East Palo Alto, but shes not confident it will be financially feasible.

    It feels like East Palo Alto is not our home any more, she said.

    Bennett, who said she knew at least five local families who had been pushed out, also pointed out that Facebook had offered its employees generous bonuses to live closer to campus, which has accelerated gentrification.

    You are directly displacing families, she said, adding that Facebook should look beyond its impact on Menlo Park and commit to funding housing in surrounding cities.

    One resident at the council hearing also pointed out that black employees account for only 3% of Facebooks senior leadership in the US, but others praised the company for bringing jobs and supporting local not-for-profit groups.

    Facebook declined an interview request, but said in a statement: We understand that our growth affects the everyday lives of our neighbors, and we want to be respectful and thoughtful about how we approach our expansion. The future of Menlo Park is extremely important to us, which is why we work with city and community leaders to tackle local priorities, including transportation, housing and the environment.

    The statement did not mention East Palo Alto.

    At the council meeting, John Tenanes, Facebooks vice-president of global facilities and real estate, did not address criticisms over housing, but said: You have my commitment that Facebook will continue to be very active above and beyond what weve negotiated.

    A spokesman for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative declined to comment on the rumors about potential housing initiatives, saying in a statement: We are in the process of examining a number of potential issue areas for future work.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jul/20/facebook-headquarters-expansion-menlo-park-california-housing