This Adorably Greedy Kitty Is Coming To Steal Your Money (But For A Good Reason)


We all know the stories of the cats who bring their owners “presents.”

Often these gifts are in the form of dead birds and mice because the kitties think that just because we’re not hunting, we’re totally helpless. They’re just trying to keep us alive!

When one office started finding their cat lounging in piles of money, they figured something else was going on. Here’s the story of the most generous cat in Oklahoma.

This is Sir Whines A Lot. He has a pretty cushy job at a marketing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he’s an office cat.

People in the office kept finding cash by the door with Sir Whines A Lot nearby. But how was he doing it?

It turns out, he was tricking late night partiers into playing with him by sticking dollar bills through the door. Then he would snatch them!

Facebook / CASHnip Kitty

Since figuring out the cat’s game, the owner has since put up a sign that says, “Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow!”

Don’t worry, though, this cat is quite the philanthropist. All the money he collects is donated to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

Now with all the news coverage, even on a slow weekend, this “Cashnip Kitty” can raise more than $100 to help the people experiencing homelessness in Tulsa.

(via WDRB)

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